Food Dairy and Beverage

    As one of our most basic needs, it makes sense that food has had such a powerful influence on world history.


  • Pasteurization

Milk is one of the most basic nutritions yet it’s an excellent medium for microbial growth. Pasteurization of milk, has made it one of the safest food in the world. Crophex heat exchangers support food industry by providing top hygiene with stainless steel structure and FDA approved gaskets.

Crophex multi-pass heat exchangers, can be designed to have inlet-outlet ports for different food equipments such as, separator, homogenizer, holder and degasifier.

  • Beverage processing

Beverage processing is one of the most efficient manufacturing process in the world. This process started with tea brewers, wine growers and home industries. Now there are hundreds of different types of drinks such as; juices, soft drinks, beer, tea, coffee etc. This also increased the competition in the beverage industry as well. Therefore, beverage processing companies have started to search for solutions to reduce the cost of production and increase the efficiency. Our plate heat exchangers are designed to meet these requirements and provide you the most economical solution.

  • CIP applications

Hygiene is very important in food and beverage processing. In order to ensure the safety, the equipments which are used in the food and beverage process need to be cleaned. The liquid used for cleaning is called CIP. This liquid must be circulated in the system in certain temperatures and flowrates. Crophex heat exchangers are used for keeping CIP liquid in desired temperatures.